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Lavi Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures electromechanical components for civil and military aerospace and defense applications.

Fuel Probes

Since 1988, Lavi Systems, Inc. has qualified over 125 NSN’s with the US Government via the Source Approval Request (SAR) process for various military aircraft programs, including the F16, KC135, C130, UH60, and more. Our products include: fuel probes, sensors, sub-assemblies, and others.

Lavi Systems, Inc, offers standard and customized switching solutions for your unique applications. Our rotary switches were designed and manufactured with the latest production techniques, machinery, and tooling available. Qualified under MIL-DTL-3786/4 and /13, Lavi switches incorporate design elements not previously possible with other switch manufacturers.

Rotary Switches

Our Jumpers are available in both crimped and stamped configurations. These products can be customized to meet your specification requirements.


Lavi Systems, Inc. offers high-reliability electromechanical build-to-print and design-development capabilities. By utilizing an effective process approach, Lavi Systems can effectively control the production process from purchase to delivery.


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